Bible Studies For LIfe: Kids and Preschool Sunday Nights 5:20-7:00 PM

Oak Grove Baptist Church is happy to offer Bible Study classes for children ages 1-2yrs, 3-PreK, and Grades 1-6! Also teens 7th grade and up!

*Bible Study starts every Sunday Night at 5:20. Parents are encouraged to stay for a few minutes when dropping them of to see what the lesson is about for that day.

*Bible Study well end around 7:00. Parents are encouraged to come a little early so they can see how the kids did with the lesson and to receive the One Conversation handout paper. It’s a great paper for parents, they will get one each week to help their kids follow up with the lesson at home.


Bible Studies for Life: Kids

In conjunction with the Levels of Biblical Learning, provides age-appropriate experiences for kids of at every age and stage of development, from babies to preteens. Each session is designed to help you teach kids to:

  • Apply the Bible to real life through Bible stories that guide them in decisions and teach them how to honor God throughout their day-to-day lives
  • Reach biblical milestones through the Levels of Biblical Learning, a proven framework for growth in God’s Word from birth through sixth grade
  • Engage in discipleship through the weekly practice of Bible skills, study, Scripture memorization, and missional awareness

Bible Studies for Life: Preschool

Relate biblical truth to every moment in a preschooler’s life with Bible Studies For Life: Preschool. This study plan helps your youngest learners apply the Bible to real life through the use of music, review games, Activity Pages, coloring pages, teaching pictures, hands-on activities, videos, and family resources.

Each session is based on Levels of Biblical Learning, a guide that describes how much a child can understand about 10 spiritual concept areas at each stage in development. Begin building your wise discipleship plan from the earliest point in a child’s life with Bible Studies For Life: Preschool.